Tee Clare is a certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialist, Death Doula, Artist, End of Life Educator, Spiritual Counselor,  Mental Health Advocate and Anam Cara- gaelic for "Soul Friend." 

Tee is an alternative Healing Arts professional currently living in the Greater New York City area. Tee is Certified by the Four Winds Society as a Shamanic based, "Dying Consciously" facilitator and is a Mesa carrier.

Tee has worked for several Bay Area Hospices where he trained Volunteers to companion the dying. Tee also works independently helping the terminally ill to transition peacefully. Tee has lived this experience many times over and his wish is that no one should be ill-prepared to deal with this life-changing event alone.

Tee is a Spiritual and Grief counselor working with clients on an energetic level to navigate and release old patterns and blockages. He uses Grief as a transformational tool and assists clients in starting a new version of their "old life", before their loss occurred. 

Tee is an accomplished artist and has facilitated Bereavement and Expressing Grief through Art and Music Therapy Groups in the Bay Area and within a Hospice setting, where he was employed as a Volunteer Coordinator. " Sometimes Grief cannot be expressed in words and so other avenues of expression are sought out, as a way of releasing emotions and feelings buried deep inside." TClare

Today, Tee focuses on Grief, Mental Health and Recovery. He currently works for a Non Profit in the greater New York area as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, helping others like himself, navigate mental health issues, grief and recovery. Tee is dedicated to working with the Mental Health and Recovery Communities accept and work through the Grief process.

Memberships and Affiliations

The Copeland Center-  www.copelandcenter.com     

The Curious Spirit- www.curiousspirit.org   

American Center for Spiritually Transformative Experiences- www.aciste.org

 The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis- www.isps-us.org

Spiritual Emergence Anonymous- www.sea.com

Shades of Awakening- www.shadesofawakening.com

Mad in America- www.madinamerica.com

Emerging Proud- www.emergingproud/film